Monday January 21 , 2019
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Weekly Washing Service

Quigley NJ Weekly Washing Service


Quigley Marine Detailing offers a strict weekly washing program at a low cost. Keeping your boat routinely washed of salt, airborne impurities and black streaks that dull your finish, is one of the most important parts in maintenance.

The weekly wash service includes the use of our high wax concentrate soaps and deck cleaners. Your boat exterior gets a complete wash down. Fish boxes, hardtop, deck, gutters, glass, transom, aluminum. Just about every piece of your topside gets a thorough cleaning. It then gets completely dried with the use of chamois.We also include interior service for an extra fee.

Quigley Marine has contracts in almost every large local marina in the area. Hoffmans Marina, Crystal Point Yacht Club, to name a few. We also accept and serve many house calls.

Our weekly washing service is a customer favorite. Scheduled year after year, we ensure you satisfaction.


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